You already have enough to worry and stress about in the lead up to your wedding, so why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to also use our engagement as an excuse to transform our bodies (usually dangerously!) with fad diets and over exercising to achieve that perfection for our wedding day?

Dieting for the wedding shouldn't be about conforming because you've heard its what you're meant to do. But still so many of us want to lose weight before the big day, and we had so many requests for a episode about dieting in our facebook group!

This week I spoke with Keris Marsden about how to prepare your body for a diet, and follow a lifestyle plan that will help you not only shift the weight you want to lose but also improve your overall health and well being well past your wedding day!

So say goodbye to dangerous fad diets and take some notes this week!



  • Why fad diets can be dangerous for your body in the long term
  • A weight loss timeline (for those of you who do want to lose weight!)
  • Fitting a healthy diet around a busy worklife
  • Why learning about nutrition is important
  • How the food you're eating is the basis to everything!
  • How much exercise you'll need to do (its less than you think!)
  • Why improving your self confidence and body issues is more important than weight loss.


Please note: This isn't a lose weight quick episode! And we are in no way saying you should be dieting for your wedding, instead you should be looking to make an informed and educated choice before embarking on any major lifestyle change.




Keris Marsden is a qualified Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist and Personal Trainer as well as the mastermind behind the sweet treats on offer from the Fitter Food kitchen. As the co-author of the best selling paleo inspired recipe book, The Paleo Primer, she is 100% dedicated to showcasing  that eating an awesome diet of good quality, great tasting and easily accessible produce is essential in living a long, healthy, energised and positive life. Keris regularly blogs on fitterfood.com about her personal experiences with PCOS, orthorexia and hormone health.