Lots of members of our Facebook Group have been requesting a destination wedding episode for a while, and with us staying home for our weddings we just didn't have the know-how to put it together - until now...

Kerrie's bridesmaid Kerry (sorry - its going to get complicated!) planned her New York wedding from the UK so today she is joining us to let us know how she managed to plan it all and share her advice if you're planning on embarking on a similar wedding day.

This episode is a little longer than our usual show's but its packed full of information from Kerry Saona-O'Brine's first hand experiences of planning a day abroad and all the tribulations it brought along with it!

photography by amber marlow

photography by amber marlow


  • Is it cheaper to have a destination wedding?
  • How do you find and liaise with suppliers?
  • Should you plan a second reception back home for those that can't travel?
  • Why resorts with a wedding package may be an easier route to go.
  • How to help your guests feel welcome.
  • Tips for travelling with your wedding dress.
  • When it may be worthwhile to hire a planner who knows the area.